About Apostle Miracle Ayo

Miracle Ayo is a Prophet, Apostle, and founder of Experiencing God Network, a Kingdom Platform based in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the coordinator of the Convergence of New Wine School of the Spirit in Zaria.

Experiencing God Network is a Kingdom Apostolic and Prophetic Center, a Gate of Heaven, for encounters and equipping of the Saints to represent God in their spheres of influence.

By many supernatural occurrences and encounters, Miracle Ayo was called to the ministry at a young age and has served in different capacities in prophetic intercession, evangelization, teaching, and equipping believers in Kaduna State and several other states in Nigeria, for more than 10 years now.

His simplicity and humility have enabled him to be silently instrumental to the moves of God in different locations in Nigeria. He has also been used by God to release prophecies for Nigeria and the Nations that have been confirmed and seen to be fulfilled over and over again. He still releases prophetic updates as they come from Heaven through the Experiencing God Network’s social platforms.

Miracle Ayo’s cutting-edge prophetic accuracy, Apostolic oversight, and shepherded heart combine to make him a leader and strong force for the New things God is doing in Nigeria and in the earth.

He teaches on several unconventional subjects patterning to the Kingdom of our God and is a firm believer that we are living in the Kingdom Age. These teachings are available on the Experiencing God Network’s Social Media Platforms and Channels online.

He currently resides in Zaria, Nigeria, and is still functioning to shape the spiritual landscape of Christianity in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, and other parts of the world.