A recent survey ranked Apple as third in the smartglasses industry, ahead of eleven other major brands, based on responses and findings from industry experts and executives. This result is interesting as Apple doesn’t even have an Augmented Reality Glasses product yet. 

So why would a company without a ready-available product rank third among other brands with already existing products? Well, here’s what you need to know. 

Apple AR Glasses: Rumor Or Fact?

A recently released Forbes article revealed that Apple employees have received a roadmap, revealing the design and functionality of an Augmented Reality Device. It details the design of an Augmented Reality Headset and Augmented Reality glasses, initially set to launch in 2020.

The new expected date for the headset is now 2022, and the glasses are now slated for 2023, as revealed by Apple executives. Other reports have it that by 2021, Apple will reach out to developers to design software for the headset. 

Most reports had initially expected that Apple AR glasses or AR headset would be launched by the first quarter of 2020 or earlier, but recent developments reveal that the products are expected to launch much later.

Some Things To Know About The Arrival Of Apple Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple has shown interest in AR long before now. The integration of ARKit for the development of AR-enabled apps is a pointer to the fact that Apple intends to go big into the field of AR for its devices. 

The ARKit allows the inclusion of AR-enabled capabilities in-app without developing the AR system itself. It was included in the design of iOS 11, 12, and 13. It enables the device to track the position of the user in relation to his environment and aid the understanding of the scene around him. 

Through this development, it becomes possible for developers to also create Augmented Reality Apps that can be ported into AR head devices in the future. This future is not far-fetched. 

A study of IOS 13 beta internal files, reveals an app that introduces support for stereo Augmented Reality glasses.

It also includes an app that can be used to test the functionality of an AR headset, noted to come in two switch modes “worn” and “held”. The file also reveals strings of keywords related to visuals such as “views” and “scenes”.

These hints and several other references, have left us clues of Apple’s in-house project, which now drives the hype around the product even before its release. The current curiosity is an expected and needed reaction that will ultimately drive the vehicle of sales when the AR glasses or headset are finally released.

Apple AR Glasses: Expectations

Based on the fall out of Google AR glasses, it would not be an overstatement to say that Apple would employ all measures to ensure this product comes to stay. So you could expect that the AR glasses would include only features that would make it the user’s sweetheart and not otherwise.

We can anticipate two products from Apple; an argument reality headset and an argument reality glasses. The headset is expected to be useful for gaming and virtual meetings by combining augmented reality and virtual reality features, and it will be useful for short-term use.

The augmented reality glasses would be smaller and suited to be worn for longer periods. The newly awarded patent to Apple also reveals indications that the views on the headset and glasses can be managed, such that the augmented view can be concealed when not needed. 

Here’s What You Need To Know Beyond The Hype

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses is gaining much attention because it’s a new product and users are eager to see it released. Basically all the available information on what to expect are speculations around the product, drawn from already existent clues.

But you might just want to have these few things in mind, despite the current hype;

  • AR Glasses May Depend On iPhone For A Start

The AR glasses may have to depend on the iPhone for its functionality, just like the Apple watch, so it might just be another string of apple devices when launched.

The AR glasses might just limit more of the screen time on your phone since its design will be to bring data from your devices right to your face in 3D.

You might not find this so interesting, as the new integration might have a draining effect on the overall battery life of the iPhone when the AR glasses are initially released.

  • Different App Store For The AR Glasses

The AR headset or glasses might come with its own version of the App Store. That is, it would have separate apps designed for its functionality. This might not be particularly interesting to you, especially when you get bored of navigating the app store, for each of your Apple devices.

  • Augmented Reality On iPhone

Generally, Apple Augmented Reality iPhones are here already. The goal is for an iPhone user to be able to receive virtual information about the real-life objects around them and place objects virtually in their environment that is actually non-existent in reality.

What this means for the Augmented Reality glasses is that, in the long run, everything dealing with Augmented Reality, might start from the iPhone and revolve around it, with the glasses only having the ability to bring the details to the face.

If this remains the case, the hype on the Augmented Reality glasses might not be necessary, as the major functionality still remains on the iPhone.

  • New iPhone Version to Support AR Glasses

There’s a possibility that there might be a new iPhone version that would support the Augmented Reality Glasses, so that’s to say older versions of iPhones might not support the new product.

That might not be great news to the community of iPhone users, as it might mean they might have to go for newer iPhone versions to enjoy all that the AR glasses or headset might have to offer. But of course, we’ll get to see whatever Apple decides on its AR glasses in the long run.


Apple’s AR glasses might indeed be its next big baby. The company has taken major steps that proves that it’s indeed pregnant with a new AR project

Apparently the buzz in the AR glasses is simply in its ability to grant access to a user from the restrictions on his devices, without necessarily having to unlock them one after the other. 

It would also be able to bring information from other Augmented Reality Apple devices to the face of the user in sync with his real environment. 

However, as normal with new devices, it’s possible that there might be certain levels of discomfort to users of Apple devices, in settling around the arrival of the new products.

Whatever such discomfort may be, it would definitely not be too much of a sacrifice, for the novelty of augmented reality experience that Apple is bringing to the world of technology.

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