How Augmented Reality can help your Real Estate Business

Technology has influenced every aspect of our lives, and real estate property isn’t an exception.

Are you wondering how you can also maximize this opportunity? 

Let’s see how you can integrate Augmented Reality into your business and  ways it can augment you and your customers’ experience.

If you are still new to the AR in real estate thing, Here is a guide on how any real estate company in Africa can implement augmented reality technology into their business. 

AR in real estate

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In a digitally-driven age, it’s no surprise that AR is changing the landscape of real estate business. AR is providing new and improved ways to view properties, proposed development and more.

Augmented reality enhances the real world with virtual objects, it helps create digital images which are projections of what could be before they are.

How can Augmented Reality help your Real Estate Business?

How can Augmented Reality help your Real Estate Business

Technological advancements are meant to make our jobs easier as well as improve productivity. 

We can both agree that 2D representation of any proposed project doesn’t do enough justice to make proposed investors appreciate the beauty of a proposed project. 

Photos do not show the complete aesthetic of the properties. It doesn’t allow investors to have a virtual walk through a property. 

The static 3D models often used by some real estate agencies are also not interactive enough. They often do not offer a complete representation of the property. 

How has Augmented Reality enhanced customer engagement?

How has Augmented Reality enhanced customer engagement

Augmented Reality addresses a lot of issues by providing buyers with an immersive experience of proposed or completed projects without necessarily going onsite. 

Here are the top 10 ways in which Augmented Reality enhances customers’ engagement in the real estate business

1. Global reach

Real estate companies can take  advantage of augmented reality to sell their properties to remote clients. Augmented Reality tour can unlock international investments. Businesses can reach buyers on a worldwide basis and as a result encourage foreign investments. 

Within the near future, buyers would prefer to visit the properties virtually with the assistance of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality (Facebook metaverse is an indicator). 

2. Enhanced customer engagement

As opposed to pictures, Augmented Reality allows a more favorable first impression. Augmented reality allows buyers to imagine the result of a new or renovated construction. 

When a buyer cannot see the outcome of a construction decision, it may take longer to close the deal. Giving the customers a glimpse of the end in view further encourages them to close the deal as soon as possible.   

3. Flexible designs

Using AR Marketing allows you to change the style, decor, and environment of the property to the buyer’s taste. After presenting a property to a client, it might be difficult to take accurate note of the modifications and requirements desired by the client. 

However, with Augmented Reality, the clients can add and remove anything they want, this helps them to see what the end product would look like and assist them in making the most suitable choices. With all of this information available, real estate agents have a better chance of closing more deals.

4. Maximize resources

Augmented Reality also helps real estate businesses save time and resources. Potential buyers don’t need to see a property in person when AR allows them to experience it virtually. Instead of a calendar filled with opening dates, buyers can narrow the pool down to a smaller group of properties that suit them best.  

5. Saves time

AR also saves the agents’ time. Instead of showing the properties to buyers, they can spend more time following other potential prospects.   Statistics show that it is common for tenants to commit to a lease for an apartment that they have seen on an Augmented Reality application.

AR allows them to visit, ask questions, and record presentations. So why not use it to your advantage in your real estate business?  

6. Wider coverage

Augmented Reality gets interested buyers everywhere. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool for buyers who live out of state or abroad and cannot visit the property.

Virtual tours by the real estate agents create an engaging experience for the buyers and provide them with the essential details they need.

They can also make the modifications they require from their location without having to come to the agency. Augmented Reality is also necessary for the sale of luxury properties, as they have a smaller pool of buyers and most of which have a very tight schedule. 

In the case of luxury homes, there are a limited number of potential buyers. Many of them are international. An immersive viewing experience helps buyers to visualize the property in a better way.

It saves the time of both the real estate broker and the client, now customers can put filters on what they like and don’t like easily and quickly. 

6. Better Return On Investments

Augmented Reality produces a better return on investment (ROI). Engagement becomes quantifiable as real estate agents can analyze real estate marketing data in augmented reality. The information reveals the number of people interacting with the property, times and locations, and how long they have been viewing the listing.   

7. Data analysis and feedback

This data can help real estate agents decide whether to adjust their real estate marketing in virtual reality and what makes some listings so popular so they can optimize the next.   

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8. Detailed view of properties

Customers can have a virtual 3D move into each flat and consider each room and interior.  You can see the size of the kitchen, the width of the bed and the beautiful garden in the house you are planning to buy without having to go there physically.

Instead of going from one property to the other, you can simply view another house, if you are not comfortable with one.

How does Augmented Reality help property sellers?

How does Augmented Reality help property sellers

Augmented Reality in reality also helps in selling and renting an apartment. 

Interactive tour

Augmented reality in assets helps agents to create a story about the property like what it can become. However, verbally it was not that effective but the AR experience gives a powerful and interactive tour of the property. People can now see how they’ll start a replacement life there.

AR clouds help in providing customized tours to clients. 

For example, if a client has a baby, you can help them visualize with various digital objects how their life in the new property could be like. During this virtual tour session, they can modify a room to suit the baby’s needs. They can add how the baby room will appear as though all the m toys and crib were present. How the lawn will seem like with swings, sliders and so on.

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AR superimposes images or text over our view of the real world. It blurs the road between reality and technology, connecting the two and thereby creating a seamless experience for the viewer. Inland, AR lets potential buyers tour a property via their smartphones, regardless of their location. AR also lets land agents tweak the room’s design to suit the clients’ tastes. Visualization is crucial in assets, and it is the facility to make or break a buying deal. The mental image a person has about a property affects his or her choice of buying it or not.


You need to step up your real estate business, do not depend only on pictures because you might not fully see the beautiful features of the property. AR gives you a much more detailed view of any property you want to sell. 

With AR, you get a more favourable first impression and you can picture the results of the latest modifications or renovation that is to take place on the property. When a buyer can’t visualize the perfect product, it can take longer to convince him or her.

Using AR marketing applications affords you the chance of regulating the property’s appearance and elements. With all this information in hand, your real estate agent has the opportunity to close more deals. You can use AR to save your time and resources, reach buyers far and wide, and yield better Return-On-Investment (ROI) as well.

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