The Manifestation of the Kingdom Age

Manifestation of the Kingdom Age


The season we have come into has a label and that label is “The Manifestation Of The Kingdom Age Of God”. The kingdom of God is beginning to come into the Earth through the Sons of God. The superstructure of the Heavens in the Sons of God is being made manifest in the Earth and that’s why the Holy Spirit is giving us penetrative power, and the ability to penetrate deep into the Spirit realm. “I Am stirring your hunger for the unusual things of God.” Some people are entering into a season of intense prayer. This is not a religious proclamation, it is what is going on regardless of who is in or not in; it’s a river out of Heaven.

Many people are not aware that we have entered into another dispensation. Many are not aware that there is an unfolding of the eternal purposes of God on the Earth. Principalities and powers are beginning to recognize the wisdom of the sons of God. There is contention in the spirit world and that contention involves the wisdom of the princes of this world and the wisdom of the princes of heaven.

Michael and his Archangels are warring against the dragon. The Michael company has awoken. Michael is not just an angel, it is also a realm in the kingdom of God that wars against serpents and dragons. “Michael” is rising and awakening because the dragon is about to lose his place even on the surface of the earth. That is the word of the Lord from the scriptures of truth.

The war between the princes of darkness and the princes of light is ongoing and the war is all about dominion, territory, taking possession of the earth; it is all about determining who will rule this planet. There is about to be an unprecedented dimension of the release of the Spirit of Grace and wisdom upon the church in this season. The church is gaining upper hand, our unity is getting stronger, our bond of perfection is getting stronger. Oneness is being achieved therefore dominion is being revealed.

The Company of ‘The Son of Man’

The Company of 'The Son of Man'

The Company of The Son of Man, The Man child company is on the move. Curtains are being drawn. There is an unveiling and the manifestation of the Son of Man. The Son of man is not just a person, it is a company of glorified sons.

Rulers of the heavens are beginning to occupy thrones on earth. The lines that separate the supernatural and the physical is being torn apart. There is an unveiling going on among the sons of God that will reveal the government of God.

The corporate Son of man is on the move. The invisible Son of Man and the visible “Son of Man” is coming into a holy union and the kingdom is the Lord’s. The patterns of the Heavens are about to be seen on the Earth, even that which you call invisible is becoming visible. Yahweh is God’s Name!

There is going to be an unveiling of the Sons of God: people who are not playing Church, people who are not looking for popularity, people who are not trying to show something, people who are not trying to achieve things for themselves, people who are not trying to build empires, a name for themselves and images of jealousy, but people who are aligned and interested about Heaven’s design manifesting itself on the Earth.

Promotion in Apostolic & Prophetic centers

promotion in Apostolic & Prophetic centers

There is a promotion in Apostolic/Prophetic centers. It is not a promotion according to Man, but a promotion according to Heaven’s design. For a while now there have been purgings in Apostolic/prophetic centers, things are giving way for other advanced things to replace them for the fullness of the manifestation of the wisdom of God through them and that’s why the Holy Spirit has been deliberately taking people’s gaze, away from the natural, from self, so that they can see into the Kingdom, so that they can partake of Heavenly things and so that they can synchronize and become one with the crafts of Heaven.

I see this company called “thrones” walking the surface of the earth, and angels that are called harvesters in alignment with Sons of God who recognize thrones and who are thrones for the taking of the earth for the Glory of the Lord.

Something is afoot, something is awoken, something is crystallizing, something is moving. The power of God is exerting His energy on the Earth. I see men like pillars standing upon the earth, pillars of lightning and thunder rising upon the earth. For yet again My promises for tribes and nations will begin to play out. For the Father is telling a story and you are part of that story. You are part of the unfolding of My plans, you are part of the manifestations of My purposes on earth.

Manifestation of names written on the white stone in heaven

Manifestation of names written on the white stone in heaven

Strengthen yourself in the Lord, put your belts on, you are more than what you think you are. My power rests upon your right hand, My authority is upon your life, My seal and My name are upon you, you were ordained for dominion and rulership, you were ordained for power and thrones and right now your ordination is waking up.

They are calling your name in the heavens so, therefore, put off the veil of the flesh, put off the veil of carnality, put off the veil of your previous mentality, put off the veil of your previous operations, switch into the operations of the Spirit of God. Find your place, stand in your place, don’t break your rank.

We are in a season where people will begin to manifest their names written on the white stone in heaven. The manifestation of your name is not what we call you, the manifestation of your name is the Gift of Grace. In this season the gifts of grace are being released upon people. The gift of grace is different from gifts, the gift of grace is the operation of God implanted in your life, it is the measure of the Son of God, the measure of the realm of His kingship, Lordship, authority, and mystery manifesting itself, operating in your life.

The Spirit of God says many have confined themselves, locked themselves, and shut themselves out of the realms of the Holy Spirit, because they have defined their callings by themselves. What the Holy Spirit wants to do is beyond what you think you are.

I see a lot of people coming into Angelic counsels. There is Angelic alignment in the atmosphere, the powers in the Heavens are aligning, Sons of Omen, the Sons of signs and wonders are rising in this season. They will align with the signs of Heaven’s and they will give birth to a new civilization on the Earth.

Something is changing within your belly, the belly of your spirit is receiving new life. Some people are in a birthing season, hence comes the urge and the sensation to pray in the night. That which was held back is coming in full force. There is about to be a manifestation of the promises God has made to you.

There is Angelic arrangement, sequences, and pattern in the Spirit realm of God. The scrolls of individuals are opened. The book of your life is opened in this season. People’s books are being opened up, fresh pages are opened up, there is new instalment going, and the Spirit of God says I Am taking the veils, I Am lifting the veils of religion, I Am tearing apart the veils of carnality, I Am tearing apart the veil of limiting mindsets, I Am tearing apart the veils that separate you from My desires.

I see your angels, they are ministering to you. The internal sensations of demonic burdens are lifted, the worries and anxiety are cast down, veils in your mind are being rented. I see some people brought into a new threshing floor in the spirit, new anointing and grace have switched on in your life. New power and mantle have just switched on in your life. A pearl of new wisdom has just switched on in your life.

I can perceive the fragrance of the Lord upon us. I see some people with a garment of dancing and rejoicing, as they dance and rejoice into the Father’s heart and His plan for their life. When the Father gives you a mantle of rejoicing and dancing, it is because you have entered into another level, it is because the grace and power of the Lord have switched on in your life.

The trumpet has been blown in Zion, an alarm is being made on the Holy hills of the Lord. The day of the Lord cometh and it is near at hand. When the scriptures say the Lord comes as a thief in the night, it means He’s doing something unnoticed, He is perfecting that which has not been completed inside of you because He’s waiting for a time where He will unveil you. The kings and nobles of the earth will worship God.

A Word for Nigeria

nigeria flag

Behind the old Nigeria is a desolate city but before us is a garden of Eden, this land will flourish again. Nigeria Arise!!! Our principality is rejoicing in the heavens because the Father’s scroll has just been handed over. The streams of God will be made manifest in this country, the heathen will see the hand of the Lord, they will see the manifestation of the mighty God of Jacob and they will tremble.

Scriptural Confession

1 Corinthians 2:9-10 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. [10] But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.”

Prophetic Word by; 

Apostle Miracle Ayo


Apst. Miracle Ayo

Apostle Miracle Ayo

Prophetic Contributor

Miracle Ayo is a Prophet, Apostle, and founder of Experiencing God Network, a Kingdom Platform based in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the coordinator of the Convergence of New Wine School of the Spirit in Zaria. Experiencing God Network is a...

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