Mega Shift in the Media, Arts, and Entertainment Sphere


Mega Shift in the Media, Arts, and Entertainment Sphere

Mega Shift in the Media, Arts, and Entertainment Sphere

It began from early October, I began to sense in the Spirit that there was about to be a major shift for the sons of God in the spheres of influence. This is just a summary of what the Spirit of God was revealing, and that is still unfolding.

In our weekly School of the Spirit on October 12, I began to speak by the Spirit of God,

“The Spirit of God has been giving people the grace to pray because it is time for the manifestation of the Revelation of Jesus within you. Watch out for October from on the 10th, especially as we approach the end of the month. There’s going to be dethronement/displacement of the sons of darkness and enthronement of the Sons of Light in Nigeria and the nations. Things will begin to change and there’ll be a lot of shakings and Thrones will be dethroned.

Watch out for 21st and 22nd October this year, 2021. I was surprised when I began to hear my Father in the Lord say that 21 is the number of thrones. We began to see other prophetic voices speaking about those dates.

On October 26, I was speaking about Angelic Alignment, Powers in the Heavens aligning, and sons of God aligning with them to give birth to new civilizations on earth.

“I see creativity, arts, and media going to another level. The Spirit of God is talking about a media dimension that has not been felt on earth before. The sons of God called to the media need to penetrate deep and yield to the designs of Heaven. The Spirit of God is restructuring your mind to download the pictures of heaven, and software and the spirit of light because, the Lord says, My light will go deep, deep, deep, deep inside of you. It will renew your mind…

On October 28, the first night of our Ministering To The Lord meeting for October, titled Heavenly Resources, the presence was so heavy and these Prophetic words came forth,

“We are in a season of promotion. Spiritually people are changing classes, people are changing realms, and it behooved of us to unlearn so that we can relearn. Your previous understanding cannot help you through this realm, because you have not passed through this way before.

Your consciousness of presence should be stronger than following laws and principles. We have not passed this way before, so we need to learn anew, we need to learn afresh and that learning does not just come from reading a book, that learning will come through sensitivity, and paying attention to the Shekinah Glory of God.

The Presence of God wants to reorient how we live our lives, there is a reorientation going on in this season because the Lord is upgrading and promoting His children. Whether you were qualified or not upgrade is taking place, but a heart of humility is needed to be able to maximize this Grace that God is giving. There is a grace released in this season, and that grace is to push everybody forward.

But if they push you forward and you don’t cultivate the heart of humility you will lose the place. Humility is required, in this season. Humility is unlearning to relearn, it is the willingness to let go of that which may be favorable so that you can acquire that which they are giving you. For treasures and values will be according to times and seasons. What is important will be defined, not by what you know but by what Heaven is emphasizing now.

God is shifting people’s priority, there is a shift going on, there is Angelic assistance. Heaven is unleashing its resources on the Earth. What eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard, what has not entered into the heart of man, is what God will do through His Sons.

The Spirit of God is saying, “Will you replace your ambition for My mission, will you let go of your ambition and embrace My mission. The resources of God are for those who have embraced the missions of God. Can you let go of your fashion for my vision? Will let go of your title, your prestige, will you let go of your ego, will you let go of your previous achievements and success? So that you can rule with Me.

I Am harvesting My Sons, I Am harvesting My Daughters into the Political spheres, into the Media, into the Entertainment spheres. The seven mountains are opening up. Skills and understanding is been released upon us. The Spirit of wisdom is at work.

I Am dismantling structures, demonic and human structures in you so that Heaven’s superstructure can be built in you. The season of the fulfillment of prophecy has come, It’s the season of stewarding Heaven’s resources, it is the season of working in Heaven’s quorum, alignment, and Angelic counsels. Angelic counsels are opening up,

The counsels of the living creatures are opening up, the counsels of the Seraphims and their wisdom is being opened up, the counsels of the Cherubims and their glory is being opened up. There is craft and fashion in the glory, there is power in the glory of God, there is rulership and there will be rulers in the glory.

We are entering a higher super fashion of the glory of God. “The Spirit of God is talking about a Mega shift. The realm of the Mega is opened. Mega shift in Media and the spheres”.

What was amazing about this was that, we discovered that as the release of this prophetic word was going on and as the meeting was going on, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg was live on Facebook and he was giving huge announcements about the Shift in their Company from Facebook to Meta. From just 2D videos to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) at exactly the same time we were in the meeting and receiving downloads of wisdom for media, arts, and entertainment. Glory to God. Hallelujah!!

1 Corinthians 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”


Apst. Miracle Ayo

Apostle Miracle Ayo

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Miracle Ayo is a Prophet, Apostle, and founder of Experiencing God Network, a Kingdom Platform based in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the coordinator of the Convergence of New Wine School of the Spirit in Zaria. Experiencing God Network is a...

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