Mojo Vision is getting set to shake the world of Augmented Reality. If you saw the Sci-Fi movie, ‘The Matrix’, back in the day, chances are that you wondered if those things you saw were possible. 

The truth is, as of today, with the ongoing digital revolution, the technological world is redefining possibilities. And, one of the major frontiers is the field of augmented reality.

At first, everyone taught AR technology was going to be too bulky and techy for the ordinary consumer. Mojo Vision is giving everyone a rethink.  Mojo Vision is developing a smaller, more fashionable alternative—an Augmented Reality contact lens.

What Is The Mojo AR Lens?

According to Mojo Vision, the Mojo AR lens prototype which is still being developed is “the smallest and densest display ever made”. A press release accredited to Mojo vision describes the concept behind the product as “invisible computing”. 

This term is quite relatable since the AR device isn’t seen by others and it doesn’t disturb the vision of the user. According to the company, the product will provide people the information they need when needed. 

The wearer receives texts and moving graphics that are overlaid and delivered onto his view at a pixel pitch of about 14,000 PPI with over 200 million pixels per square inch.

According to Mojo Vision, the Mojo lens is built with the best image sensor optimized for computer vision and it is very energy efficient.  

How Does Mojo Lens Work?

The prototypes as of today are powered wirelessly, although Mojo plans to make the lens with battery. The battery is expected to last for 24hours. In addition to the batteries, the lenses are expected to have better resolution and motion sensors that track eye movements easily. 

The Mojo AR lenses have a rigid structure, unlike regular contact lenses made with plastic which are flexible. The lenses sit on the white part of the eye, encapsulating the cornea.

The lenses allow for oxygenation which makes it possible for the user to wear it for an extended period and according to the company, makes it very comfortable.

The lenses are specially designed so that they do not fall off the eye or slip from the center of the eye’s field of vision where they should be. With the image sensor, the lenses would have the ability to recognize images as the user views them and also bring up information as the case demands.

The Mojo AR lens would receive information transmitted from the user’s phone via a device that would be worn close to the head. The information to be displayed right in front of the eye would include, texts, navigation suggestions, and other basic information.  

Mojo Lens: Beyond Just Computing

Mojo lens price

Asides its proposed use in computing and technology, the company is working to roll out versions majorly for users with impaired vision. 

By overlaying graphics on the images in the real world, people with impaired eyesight would see better. The lenses could also be adjusted to come with user-defined specifications for better eyesight.   

Furthermore, Mojo’s vision seeks to use the Mojo AR lens in improving professional services like security and firefighting. Speaking of security, using the Mojo lens, one could gain more insight into the environment without needing mobile phones. Firefighters can make better judgments on time due to knowing where the fire is highest and so on.  


The Mojo AR lens is still at its development stage. Due to this fact, little is known about the Mojo lens’ price or its availability. Also, at the moment, the Mojo lens stock is not yet for sale. As it stands, the prototype has been tested a few times and the reviews have been good.

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