Restoration, Breakthrough, and Manifestation

Restoration, Breakthrough, and Manifestation



The Lord is lifting up His hands again to restore lost graces and possessions in the Spirit, and in the natural. Lost properties are been restored. Lands are been given to their rightful owners. Lost siblings are coming back home. Prodigal sons are returning to their right senses and they are coming back to our heavenly Father. Lost strength and passion for the Lord is been restored.

The place of intimacy, visions, and encounters is been restored. Positions of authority, power, and influence in the Courts of Heaven and the natural are been restore. You will begin to win cases in the court of heaven and in the natural. Your utterance which gives you a place of power and position in the Spirit realm is restored. Your prayer voice and your prayer capacity are restored because in this season I have called you to obtain promises, I have called you to possess possessions.

Divine Remembrance

I Am remembering My promises, the promises I made to you because right now even right now My wisdom for the manifestation of My promises in your life is being downloaded. You will receive instructions and guardianship. You will receive the leadings of My Spirit and as you follow My leadings it will amount to breakthrough.

People are being healed from within. Hope deferred that makes the heart seek is been settled right now because I am bringing fruitfulness into your life. You will see the fulfillment of My Word in your life soon. I am restoring you because I am resetting you to accommodate My mandate for your life and sphere.

Activations of Mandate & Plans

I am initiating many people into My mandate and My plans for their lives. New mandates are coming out from heaven. I am commissioning many in this season to transform their lives, their region, their workplace, their school, their homes, family, ministries, and churches because a heavenly visitation and habitation into the new things and fresh things of the Lord are coming.

Wisdom, Crafts and Presence

My crafts, My Presence, wisdom, and might are coming to stay and abide with you and My Church. My redemptive gifts and purposes for cities and spheres are coming into fruition and you are part of the fulfillment of it. The gifts that I have given to you will begin to speak stronger, My calling in your life will become stronger, it will become authentic.

An Increased sensitivity

I am increasing your sensitivity to My deposits in your life, family, finance, region, and sphere. I am increasing your expectation for what I want to do in your life, in your city, and nation. I am giving you My perspective so you can effectively pray My will and purposes into being. A strong alliance between you and My angels for your life, finances, business, education, family, sphere, and region is being formed because I am birthing My purposes through you.

I Am opening the pathways of My Glory. I Am opening the gates of heaven for men to go in and go out, for people to go in and take possessions and come out with it because it is a season for the manifestation of the sons of God.

I see some people standing under an open heaven and the Light of God shining on them and the Spirit of God is saying, this is your season of light, it is a season of your rising, you are coming into the limelight. Light is being sown for the righteous. The Light of God shines upon many people. Light, insight, illumination, and revelation are being granted in this season.

I see angels with letters containing appointments in the Spirit, containing instructions and revelations dropping on people’s hearts. And your awareness will be increased. Your sensitivity to the operations of God will be increased and you will hear with a distinct clear voice the Lord confirming His covenant, words, and promises over your life.

The day of restoration

It is the day of restoration, it is the day of the opening of gates. Heaven’s gates are open!

In this season your confidence and trust in the Lord are key because the Lord is terminating the activities of the devil and He is resuming His workings in your life. I will perfect that which I started in you. I am completing previous operations of My glory, wisdom, and might in your life and they will begin to manifest.

God’s completion is the devil’s termination. The Spirit of God is doing a deep internal work in many people in this season because He is aligning them with His plans for your lives. There is excavation going on in the spirit upon your life, God is taking things off because He’s bringing new installments inside of you. Heaven’s program is being downloaded in your life.

Some corrupt things within are being taken away, the purifying fire of the Lord is purifying your heart. I Am shaking things off you so that I can put My new garment upon you, for My new garment is My new installment within you, My new garment is My new agenda and program for your life. The Lord is giving beauty for ashes, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

A lot of people are coming into Holy Spirit influence because the kingdom of God is being built within them, the structure of the kingdom is being built within them. I see people receiving angelic ministrations.

You are receiving the Infilling of the Spirit of God, I see people’s lives coming under Holy Spirit influence because the Spirit of God says there is about to be a supernatural change in your life, that which stood as a hindrance before is going to be a stepping stone into fresh things in the Holy Spirit.

A renewal of the mind

Your mind is being renewed because I Am building the structure of My kingdom within you. You are coming into new knowledge. You are coming into a new understanding. You are coming into new revelation because I Am revealing Myself to you. My kingdom is drawing closer to you, My operations are becoming operational within you, and My presence is becoming stronger in you.

I Am going to help you and I Am going to strengthen you. I see the Lord like a wind blowing out worries from people’s hearts, and blowing out weariness from people’s hearts. He is blowing out discouragement from your heart, and blowing out weakness from your heart.

Some people are not experiencing physical weakness, they are experiencing inner weakness, they are tired inside of them, they are becoming weak inside of them, the ability to push and to pursue is getting weaker but right now there is strength from the presence of the Lord, there is help from the presence of the Lord, there is power from the presence of the Lord. I see some people stepping into new grounds because they are receiving help from the Lord.

Deep hidden truths of the kingdom are coming to the limelight, the deep hidden things of God that were discussed in the council of two, three, or four are coming into the mountain tops. For the highlands afar off will get the revelation of the mysteries of the kingdom and the hearts of many will be quickened again because the Lord will cause His Light to shine again on the earth.

It will be said that the days of the Apostles and Prophets are being made evident in the sons of men. The Light of heaven is shining, and that which is hidden will come to light. Hallelujah!!!


Apostle Miracle Ayo

Prophetic Contributor

Miracle Ayo is a Prophet, Apostle, and founder of Experiencing God Network, a Kingdom Platform based in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the coordinator of the Convergence of New Wine School of the Spirit in Zaria. Experiencing God Network is a...

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